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Indian T20 League - Cricket Meets Crypto
Not a lot of sports evoke emotions and unbounded fandom like Cricket. In a lot of countries, including India, it is more than just a leisure activity. It is an unofficial religion. With Cricket season upon us, we bring to you the Indian T20 League where you can predict match outcomes and win crypto along the way.
While watching your favorite team winning is rewarding enough, we just want to make it lucrative enough for you. After all, on-field excitement should match the on-chain (google it or ask here) excitement. So, here is a full toss from our end: you just need to hit it out of the ground
Up to $30,000 worth of rewards will be up for grabs spread across market liquidity, giveaways and other exciting offers.
And, on top of that, with every correct prediction, you earn guaranteed rewards. More the participants, more the market liquidity and more will be your rewards. So, make sure you bring in your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues and even arch-nemeses to predict with/against you in the market.
Excited yet? This is just the first over πŸ˜‰

Let’s now learn how the Indian T20 League markets work on PlotX:

    The Indian T20 League markets will be available to Predict On PlotX.​
    At any given point of time, there will be 3–4 markets of the Indian T20 League that will be live, depending on the schedule i.e. today’s match, tomorrow’s match, the day after tomorrow’s match.
    You can choose any of the three markets to predict on.
    Choose from 3 options: Team A or Team B or No result.
    You can place your predictions right till the official match start time.
    Wait for the market to settle. The settlement time is at 12:30 a.m IST unless there is a delay due to some unforeseen circumstances.
    The result of the match will be fetched at the settlement time.
    For every correct prediction, you receive guaranteed rewards.
    Keep predicting and you might get your hands on $30,000 worth of rewards.
That marks the end of the powerplay!
Time to up the ante!

Raining fours, sixes and offers:

Like the death overs, get ready to witness the raining fours, sixes and offers. Each one is more exciting than the other. A reward pool of $1000, relayer share of the prediction fee, signup bonus, PlotX T20 Mania and much more β€” there is no dearth of entertainment and opportunities.
Time for death overs
Last few overs coming up!
Stay grounded on the pitch!

How to make a prediction on PlotX:

Apart from Indian T20 League, PlotX focuses on crypto-focused markets where you can predict the price of popular cryptocurrencies and win rewards
The process of making predictions on PlotX can be divided into 4 simple steps:
    Select a cryptocurrency whose price you can predict
    Select the Market Cycle
    Choose a prediction option
    Make the prediction transaction
Read more about the process here:​

How to get funds on Polygon (through INR, USD, GBP etc) to make a prediction

To make a prediction on PlotX, you need to have funds on Polygon. This guide explains how to do that:​
Alright, here comes the last ball of the innings. You know the drill. Just SMASH!
Now that you are fully equipped, it is time to take your stance, pick your teams and shoot your predictions here:​
Let the battle begin βš”οΈ
That marks the end of our first innings! Stay tuned for the second innings!
We will be back with a thrilling second innings chase πŸ‘€
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