PlotX v2 Wiki
All your questions about the PLOT staking program answered.

Which tokens can I use to participate in the staking program?

You can participate in the staking program using any of the following tokens:
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If you’re participating using any non-PLOT token, your funds will first be swapped for PLOT from QuickSwap in the background, and then staked in the pool.
Hence, when you unstake, you’ll get back your stake amount in the form of PLOT, in addition to the WMATIC and bPLOT rewards.

How are my rewards calculated?

  • The program has a daily budget WMATIC and bPLOT that it distributes to all the stakers in the pool
  • The daily budget depends on the amount of PLOT staked in the pool
    • We want to encourage staking and have gamified the program by introducing Reward Boosters. Typically in most staking programs, the APY dries up as more people stake. However, in this program thanks to Reward Boosters, that wouldn’t happen. See table below
Total $PLOT Staked
Minimum Rewards per day
Reward Boosters per day
Total Rewards per day
Less than 10M
500 MATIC 5,000 bPLOT
500 MATIC 5,000 bPLOT
Between 10-15M
500 MATIC 5,000 bPLOT
100 MATIC 5,000 bPLOT
600 MATIC 10,000 bPLOT
Between 15-20M
500 MATIC 5,000 bPLOT
250 MATIC 5,000 bPLOT
750 MATIC 10,000 bPLOT
  • These rewards are distributed to all the stakers every second
  • Your rewards are calculated based on your pool share
  • For example,
    • Assume that you staked 100,000 PLOT and that the total PLOT staked is 1,500,000.
    • You now own 6.67% of the staking pool.
    • If $3000 are distributed as rewards per day, you will earn 6.67% of $3000 i.e. $200 per day.
  • Since your rewards are accrued every second, you can claim them anytime you like

Is there any cap on how much I can stake in the pool?

The pool has a maximum total size of 20 million PLOT. This means that you won’t be able to participate in the staking program and earn WMATIC and bPLOT rewards once the total amount staked in the pool reaches 20 million PLOT.

How soon can I unstake my funds after staking?

You can only unstake 30 days after your latest staking transaction.
For example, if you staked 20,000 PLOT at 1 PM UTC, 17 Jan 2022, then you will be able to unstake that amount at or after 1 PM UTC, 16 Feb 2022.
Now, let’s say that you staked 10,000 PLOT more at 1 PM UTC, 27 Jan 2022. This would mean that you will now be able to unstake the full stake amount (30,000 PLOT) at or after 1 PM UTC, 26 Feb 2022. That is 30 days after your latest stake transaction.

Where can I buy $PLOT?

Decentralized Swaps
Centralized Exchanges

What is bPLOT?

  • bPLOTs are wrapped PLOT tokens that have the same value as PLOT
  • bPLOT can be used to make predictions about future crypto prices on PlotX
  • Every correct prediction made with bPLOT gives back the prediction amount plus a reward in PLOT
  • Note - You cannot transfer bPLOT between wallets or swap it for other tokens

How to use my bPLOT rewards?

Using your bPLOT rewards, you can make predictions about future crypto prices and earn rewards every hour. The process of making a prediction is very simple and can be divided into 4 steps:
  1. 1.
    Select a cryptocurrency whose price you can predict
  2. 2.
    Select the Market Cycle
  3. 3.
    Choose a prediction option
  4. 4.
    Complete the prediction transaction
You can find more details about these steps in this guide.

What are the contract addresses for $PLOT?

$PLOT tokenomics

$PLOT tokenomics can be found in this sheet.