💵Withdraw from Exchanges

This guide will walk you through transferring USDT from exchanges to your crypto wallet on the Polygon network.


You need to have an:

  • Account on crypto exchanges like Binance

  • Tokens available in your exchange account. If not, by using Card, P2P or Bank Transfer first

  • Exchange should support withdrawal on Polygon (MATCI) network



Step-by-step guide

  • Login to your crypto exchange account. Here, we are using Binance for reference.

  • Click on Withdraw button. (You can also access this screen by hovering on Wallet and then clicking on Fiat and Spot option)

  • Now select the token that you want to withdraw to your crypto wallet and enter the crypto wallet address. If you’ve signed up on PlotX using email, Facebook, or Google, open the PlotX app. Go to Account and copy the crypto wallet address and paste it here.

  • Select the network to Polygon (MATIC)

  • Enter the amount that to want to send from your exchange account to your crypto wallet and click on Withdraw button

  • In a couple of minutes, your crypto wallet will have the MATIC on the Polygon network.

  • Now, log in to the PlotX app with this wallet and you’ll see the balance in your crypto wallet. Deposit the funds to Game Wallet to start playing!

Alternatively, watch this video tutorial.

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