This includes two types of Markets - Rapid Markets and Crypto Markets. If you want to participate in short-duration markets, select rapid markets. Crypto markets offer hourly, daily, and weekly markets with a longer time horizon.

This includes two types of categories -

  • Rapid Markets

  • Crypto Markets

Forecasting in Rapid Market :

Step 1 - Click on Forecasts

Under this section, you'll find a number of tabs showing markets to predict in

Step 2- Choose the asset and its movement

Once you choose one of the markets you can choose whether a certain crypto asset will go up / down / stay the same for a given time

Step 3 - Enter the amount

Once you choose one of the options, you stake your money from the Game wallet. For eg. You choose ETH to USD, Going up and Stake 20 Plot. The following screen shall appear.

Pay the entry fee to enter the contest.

Now, wait for the market to settle and to learn whether you won or not. For example, if you forecasted that the market will go up in the next one hour and the price of cryptocurrency went up, you'll win.

Forecasts in Crypto markets: Other than Rapid Markets you also get a choice of: weekly, daily & hourly markets

Refer to this to learn about rules and in case you've questions.

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