PlotX v2.5

Sports Challenges

  • For each answer by the user, PlotX awards +10 for a correct answer and -4 for an incorrect answer.
  • It is then multiplied by the Powerups(link) you choose. For a correct forecast, you get +10 multiplied by 2, if you have added a 2X Multiplier. Similarly, for a wrong forecast, you get a -4 which will turn to 0 if you have applied Zero Loss to the question.
2X Multiplier also doubles the negative points lose if the forecast turns out false.
  • We suppose Punjab is the right answer. Then the user is awarded +10 points for this individual answer. Had we added a 2X multiplier our score would have become 20. Now all these individual points from the 10 questions are added to calculate your final score.
  • These individual scores are then totaled to give the final score of an individual. For example, You choose the contest between CHENNAI & PUNJAB