🎉What's new in PlotX v2.5?

Update v2.5

The v2.5 update is the first step towards realizing our vision of creating a P2E (Play 2 Earn) Fantasy Trivia ecosystem that allows users to leverage their knowledge to generate wealth. In this update we have moved away from a pure price prediction protocol and introduced contests across various categories such as cricket, football and tennis. Users can now answer questions about player performance, match details, results and win prizes, as well as use features such as power-ups to maximize winnings and minimize losses.

  • Mobile App - With v2.5, we've launched our own Android app

  • Contest Style Gameplay - PlotX comes with a series of Challenges to choose from. Each Challenge is associated with 10 Contests. Each Contest has varying Entry fees and Rewards. When you enter a challenge, you answer ten or more questions, apply powerups (link) and enter the Contest of your choice!Sports Challenges

  • Multiple Deposit Options - Users can now Deposit funds using a variety of options including Credit card/Debit card, Web3 Wallet, P2P & via Exchanges.PLOT Token

  • Improved UI/UX - With addition of different formats, PlotX has built a more user friendly platform that enriches the overall user experience

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