🔄Withdraw funds from Magiclink wallet to Crypto Wallet

If you've signed up on PlotX via email, Google, or Facebook - this guide will show you how to withdraw funds from your Magiclink wallet to crypto wallet

  • Step 1 - First of all, you need the secret key of your magiclink wallet to connect it with any web3 wallet. To do that, click on this link - https://reveal.magic.link/plotx

  • Step 2 - Enter your email address if you had signed up on PlotX via email. Else, directly connect with Gmail or Facebook if you had chosen that option.

  • Step 3 - You'll be sent an email to your email address. Open your email and click on Log in to PlotX button to confirm. Please note, don't close this window.

  • Step 4 - Now, you'll see the wallet address for which you're revealing the private keys. Read all the points carefully and check them off. Now, click on the Reveal Private Key button.

  • Step 5 - Once you click on the Reveal Private Key button, you'll get your private key. Copy this key and store it in a safe place. Please note, don't share this with anyone.

  • Step 6 - Now open the Metamask wallet or download it if you don't have it. Click on Account and select Import Account option.

  • Step 7 - Paste your private key that you just revealed and click on the Import button.

Congratulations! You've connected your Magiclink wallet to Metamask. You can use any other wallet of your choice as well. Note - To see funds in your web3 wallet, withdraw the funds from your Game Wallet to Crypto Wallet on PlotX. Also, you need to first import PLOT to Metamask.

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