PlotX v2.5


When a market settles, the winning option gets the sum of the amount at stake in the other two options.
  • For example, when a market settles, if the Going Up option wins, then: Reward pool of 'Going Up' option = amount at stake in 'Staying Flat' option + amount at stake in 'Going Down' option
  • The Reward Pool of the winning option is divided between the people who predicted in the winning option according to their individual Pool Share percentages. For example, if your Pool Share percentage is 10%, and the Reward Pool consists of 1,000 PLOT, then your reward will be:
    Reward Pool * Pool Share​ = 1,000 PLOT * 10% = 100 PLOT
  • Finally, your Pool Share percentage is calculated based on the number of positions you hold in an option, and the number of positions held by everyone else in the same option.
  • For example, if, while predicting in the Going Up option, you buy 35 positions. And let's say that there are 9 other people who bought the same number of positions as you in the Going Up option.
    => total positions in the Going Up option = 350
    => your Pool Share percentage in the Going Up option = (your positions in the 'Going Up' option / sum of everyone's positions in the 'Going Up' option) x 100 = (35 / 350) x 100 = 10%