🎁Deposit Bonus

Get up to 120% Bonus on your first deposit

Make your first deposit and get up to a 120% bonus. Below is the bonus structure:

For example, if you deposit 500 PLOT - you'll get 500 Bonus PLOTs.

Terms & Conditions

  • This offer is only applicable for users who have not made any deposit to the Game Wallet yet

  • Deposit Bonus will expire in 15 days after you claim it

  • Minimum deposit amount is 50 PLOT to avail this offer

  • If you're eligible for this offer, you'll see the offer coupon. To check that, go to Account > Deposit > Apply Coupon

  • You can use this offer only once

  • You cannot withdraw bonus PLOTs

  • You can use the deposit bonus to participate in challenges ONLY

If you've any questions, reach out to us via Chat Support.

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