PlotX v2.5


Under the Sports category, PlotX has Cricket Challenges. Let's look at this in detail.


A Challenge can consist of an event such as Wimbledon, English Premier League, or even a singular event such as an NFT Launch. These Challenges consist of a series of 10 related questions in which a user can forecast outcomes. Each question comes with hints to help users make a better judgment.
Tip: You can participate in multiple challenges and earn more


Each question comes with hints in the form of stats/past performance to help users make better forecasts. It appears as a light bulb next to each question. Hints play an important role when a user is finding it difficult to come to a decision about the answer to a particular question. Hints provide statistical information to assist users while forecasting.

Answer Sets

Answer sets are the collection of answers a user gives for each Challenge. One can have more than one set of answers if you wish to enter different Contests with different Answers.


Each challenge has a number of contests that offer different entry fees and rewards, so that users can enter at the price point that they wish to. If a user is confident in their answers, they can enter a contest with a higher entry fee and rewards, whereas if a user isn’t as confident, they can choose to enter a contest with a low entry fee.
Users can answer questions and create Answer Sets well before the time of an event, so they have enough time to reassess and edit answers if they wish.


Powerups help users to maximize winnings and minimize losses. If you are confident of your predictions and wish to maximize your winnings, you can choose a ‘2X Multiplier’. powerup. If you are unsure about any particular answer and wish to minimize your loss, you can choose a ‘Zero Loss’ powerup. There are a limited number of powerups available for each contest.
2X Multiplier doubles your points, so you choose them when you're certain about your answer. These can be chosen only twice for one answer set. Keep in mind that if your answer is wrong, this powerup will also double your negative points! For instance, if you say that MUMBAI will win and you are correct, you'll normally be awarded +10 points. If you apply 2X Multiplier, your score would double up to +20.
For instance, if you say that MUMBAI will win and you are correct, you'll normally be awarded +10 points. If you apply 2X Multiplier, your score would double up to +20.
Zero Loss comes handy when you are not sure about your answer being correct. For instance, you answer that MUMBAI will win and you are incorrect, normally you would get -4 points but if you choose ‘Zero Loss’ as a powerup, your points will instead become 0.
It is typically meant to be used when you believe that there exists a high possibility of your prediction not coming true.
Each question comes with both Powerups. The user can pick any or none of them as per their wish. Once you choose answers each will appear along with their respective questions where you can use the powerups. A max number of 2 of each powerups can be used for each answer set.


The rules are as follows:
  • The game takes place only if the minimum participation criteria are met
  • Answers can be made or changed only till the contest goes live
  • Once you enter the contest and pay the entry fee, you cannot withdraw.
  • No changes can be made to the answers once you enter the game.
  • You can add 4 powerups over the 10 predictions you make, 2 being 2X multiplier & 2 being No Negatives.