PlotX v2.5

Getting Started

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For PC/Laptop/iOS Users: Visit the website & you're ready to earn rewards!

Sign Up

You can sign up on PlotX using the below methods:
  • Facebook / Google
  • Email
  • Web3 Wallets

Facebook / Google

  • Click on Continue with Facebook/Google
  • You will be redirected to a popup
  • Once you press continue, your Facebook/Google account is linked to PlotX


  • Enter your email address and click continue
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your email address
  • Now go to your email and approve the login by clicking on the Log in to PlotX button
After clicking the Login to PlotX button, go back to the previous window (PlotX) and you'll have logged in to PlotX.
After clicking the Login to PlotX button, go back to the previous window (PlotX) and you'll have logged in to PlotX.

Web3 Wallets

  • Select the web3 wallet of your choice
  • Connect your wallet with PlotX
  • Congratulations you can now start earning!

Add Funds to Crypto Wallet

To start playing, you first need to add funds to your crypto wallet. Below we have mentioned several methods on how to add funds to your crypto wallet.
If you’ve signed up using email or Google/Facebook, a Crypto wallet is automatically created for you that can be used on PlotX exclusively. The wallet being a new one doesn't have any funds. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to add funds to your crypto wallet:
  • Click on Account
  • Click on Add Funds under Crypto Wallet
  • Choose any of the supported tokens ( PLOT, MATIC, USDC, USDT, WETH, DAL, WMATIC ) from the list and enter the amount that you want to add
  • Now choose any of the enlisted methods to add funds. Below are the options to add funds to your crypto wallet:
    • By using credit card/ debit card - Upon clicking this option, the user will be redirected to the Transak page, which enables the user to make UPI/card transactions. Users can see the comparison of their native currency to the desired cryptocurrency, based on which user can deposit
    • Transfer from other web3 wallets - All you need is to use your wallet address which appears as a series of alphanumeric characters under Crypto wallet and use this address to transfer funds from your Web3 Wallet to your Crypto Wallet
    • Withdraw from Exchanges - You can even withdraw from exchanges (Binance, Coinbase & Wazirx) where you might have previously deposited some funds
    • P2P - Peer-to-peer transactions aid sellers and buyers to meet online and exchange or buy tokens based on their interests
Once you’ve added funds to your Crypto wallet, it’s time to deposit funds to the Game wallet.

Deposit Funds to Game Wallet

Game Wallet shows the funds that you can directly use to participate in Challenges and Crypto forecasts. One can start playing by adding funds from Crypto Wallet to Game Wallet.
Steps to deposit from Crypto Wallet to Game Wallet are:
  • Click on Deposit in the Game Wallet tab
  • Select the token that you wish to deposit and check the available balance
  • Add the amount you want to deposit to your Game wallet and click on Deposit
You can use the balance in your Game wallet to participate in Sport Challenges and Crypto Forecasts.
When you deposit funds to your game wallet, all tokens will be converted to $PLOT.