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Using email linked wallets
Learn how to connect to PlotX using nothing but your email
PlotX uses a service called Magic Link to allow its users to sign up on the platform using their email. Here's how it works:
  • Magic Link allows users to create an Ethereum wallet using their email, while still being non-custodial in every way
  • The benefits of using Magic Link wallets come in the form of:
    • Improved user experience as the wallet’s UI is merged with the PlotX UI
    • No RPC changes as the wallet is always connected to the Polygon network

How to connect to PlotX using email?

Step 1

Head over to and click on the Sign In button at the top right corner:

Step 2

Enter your email ID and hit the Login via Email button:

Step 3

Now go to your email and approve the login by clicking on the Log in to PlotX button
After clicking the Log in to PlotX button, go back to the previous window (PlotX) and you'll have logged in to PlotX.
Note - When you use your email to connect to PlotX for the first time, a new Ethereum wallet is created for you. This wallet is yours to keep and is completely non-custodial.

How to find your wallet address

Additional information about Magic Link wallets

PlotX uses Magic Link as one of the methods of connecting to the app.
  • Magic Link is a service that helps applications/websites enable password-less login for their users
  • It does so by asking each user for their email address and then emailing a Login button (aka magic link) to the user
  • When the user clicks on the Login button, they are logged into the application/website they were trying to access
  • In the case of Decentralized Applications (DApps) like PlotX, Magic Link is also a wallet provider
  • So, when a user signs up on PlotX for the first time, Magic Link generates a new Ethereum wallet for them
  • This wallet facilitates all the trades users do on PlotX
  • Since PlotX is running on Polygon, this new wallet is connected to the Polygon network by default
  • The UI for this new wallet is merged with the PlotX UI
  • Whenever a user does any transaction on PlotX, they do it with the help of their new wallet
PlotX does not store users' email addresses.
Your Magic Link wallet is completely non-custodial. Only you have the ability to access it and make transactions from it.
You can import your Magic Link wallet address to any other wallet UI (such as MetMask), but doing so will sacrifice the security benefits that you get from Magic Link. You can export the private keys to your Magic Link wallet using this link.
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