📈 Token Insights

This document illustrates token metrics and insights for $PLOT
  • Detailed Tokenomics sheet can be found here.

  • Token Model and Utility can be found here.

  • Product Deck can be found here.

  • PLOT-ETH pair live on Uniswap: here.

  • PLOT-ETH pair Liquidity Pool Uniswap address: here

Key Updates

  • PlotX closed the $2.7m fundraise rounds with some of the biggest names in crypto onboard

  • The community offering powered by DAO Maker saw a 15x over-subscription

  • Nearly 10,000 predictions have been made by over 2,400 unique addresses on the PlotX Alpha since Aug ‘20

  • A fast-growing community of dedicated PLOT Heads has formed around the product, with over 10,000 members connected across Telegram, Discord & Twitter

  • Local communities have been formed by community members with dedicated groups for the Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Korean & Turkish members

  • PlotX has partnered with Matic (for L2 Scaling), GovBlocks (for onchain governance), Deep Work Studio (for improving the UX), and Ankr (for faster Ethereum API integrations) with many more partnerships in the pipeline

  • Successfully brought onboard valuable strategic partners and advisors like NGC Ventures, 3commas, Brilliance Ventures, and TRG Capital among others.

Learn more about PlotX via the Product Deck.

Further illustrations on key token metrics and insights on the token distribution for $PLOT will soon be updated here.

Key Metrics

  • Token Ticker: $PLOT

  • Token Type: ERC 20

  • Total Token Supply: 200,000,000 PLOT Tokens

  • Initial Market Cap at TGE: $600,000

  • % Supply Released at TGE: 6%

For more detailed analysis, check out the $PLOT Tokenomics sheet.

Overview of the Tokenomics
Token Distribution for $PLOT

Key Insights

  • The community offering had been designed to give early community members preference for getting whitelisted. These members have provided invaluable feedback over the past several weeks that has contributed to a stronger product and a close-knit community.

  • All tokens allocated to the team will remain locked for a period of 12 months and even after the lock-in period, only 10% of the holdings will be liquidated each month. This is designed to ensure maximum incentive alignment for the team towards the project.

  • The early supporters and the private sale participants have showcased their belief in the project, agreeing to remain vested for a period of at least 6 months. The maximum upfront release is restricted to only 20%.

  • Detailed analysis of the token distribution, release schedule and tentative supply shock have been showcased in the tokenomics sheet.

Please stay tuned to the community channels on Telegram and Discord.